How to spot an Authentic Turkish Towel

Origin: Bursa

Turkish towels are considered to be the first towels ever made. They are made entirely from Turkish cotton and woven by hand using a traditional looming technique. A technique used since the 18th century and Turkish artisans still loom their towels today. However, quality varies from weaver to weaver, and a higher-priced sheet typically reflects a better quality product. Read on to find out how to spot an authentic Turkish towel and identify a high-quality product.

Check the fabric label.

An authentic Turkish towel is from cotton grown in Turkey and woven on a traditional handloom. Due to the scarcity of this resource, an authentic Turkish towel will be more expensive. However, you will save you money in the long-term as Turkish cotton is twice as durable and dries three times faster than alternatives. Cheaper towels will often originate from China and will not be from Turkish cotton. Always check the label for the words "Made in Turkey" and "100% Turkish cotton" to ensure you're buying an authentic item. 

Choose Aegean cotton.

The highest quality Turkish towels are from cotton grown in the Aegean, a coastal region famed for its cotton fibers. What's different about the cotton they grow in this area is that it has long fibers that are exceptionally plush and strong. Longer fibers mean smoother, softer threads with less of a chance of splitting and breakage. With washing, Aegean cotton gets even softer over time.

Choose Organic Cotton.

We only work with factories and mills that adhere to the highest standards within production like GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and we recommend that you do the same. It's better for you, the farmers and Earth.
Look for Organic on the label or make sure that the manufacturer sources their cotton from organic farms.

Notice the details.

A high-quality Turkish towel has hand-knotted fringing. The cheaper options usually have one knot, but they tend to break and look scruffy after a wash. Other details, like a double-stitched edge, increase durability and reflect quality.

When you're buying from Ayin, you're getting the real thing. We make our towels in the legendary towel-producing region of Denizli, Turkey. They are made from 100% organic Aegean cotton woven on a traditional handloom and edged in a hand-knotted fringe. Every towel we sell through our website is inspected to ensure the perfect sheet, and we pay particular attention to the stitching and finishing of all products.

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