Hygge: A Danish Ritual on Time Well Spent

Origin: Denmark

According to many studies, Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet. Many claims that this is because of a ritual called “Hygge,” also known as Scandinavian wellness. If you have met a Dane, you will have noticed that they use the term cozy often. What they refer to is its non-translatable cousin, “Hygge.”

Hygge is a special feeling, a unique atmosphere you create by being present and thoughtful. It’s about taking time for one another and make the most of what you have. One thing we often do at our house is a candlelit dinner. We cook a lovely meal and make an effort to present it in little bowls instead of the pot it was cooked in. We then light candles, put on good music, and turn off or dim the lights. At dinner, we talk about events of the day and other topics that come up.

If you make an atmosphere enjoyable, you are sure to enjoy some “Hygge” on your own.

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