Kairos, the concept of deep time

Origin: Greece

Many often greet this time of year with mixed feelings, and it is a neverending reminder that time is fleeting. The moments we have created throughout the year are suddenly a thing of the past. Without reflection, they may go lost forever and bucketed as yet another non-important interaction. Too often, we are run at a pace set by others and fail to appreciate the moments that help us slow time down and make more of what we have. These moments are when we unlock what the Greeks call Kairos or Deep time. 

Deep time is the moment where we realize that things are as perfect as they can be. It is that moment when something so profound happens that it makes you understand that your life already is fulfilled. Richard Rohr, an American author, describes deep time as a different form of time where the dots connect when we learn how to go back to those kinds of moments more efficiently or to live in that kind of space. 

When we focus too heavily on the chronological time we all know, we tend to set a much faster pace and forget the essential details that help carry us through tough times. These moments are what life is about, and the best way to take control is to contemplate, reflect, and understand them to bring them with us. Not just for ourselves but for the people we encounter on our path. 

We encourage you to join us on a journey, one where we take control of time and slow it down with a little help from the ancient Greeks. Fill out this form to share how you reflect and appreciate life's beautiful moments.

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