Meet Aissam, the Berber who supports a community one rug at a time

Those of us fortunate enough to explore unique parts of the world meet people with incredible talents, mythical rituals, and different life approaches. These experiences all help give us a little more perspective and appreciation for our beautiful world we inhabit.

On our trip through Morocco, we met Aissam, a Berber, who gathers vintage rugs from families in his tribe to sell them in the closest large city, Marrakech. The rugs he collects are all handmade by exceptional female artisans who crafted these beautiful and highly durable pieces that have followed their families through generations. He helps the tribe generate an income to support them and the crops they grow in the village.

Berbers have no nation and are combined, not by geography or religion, but by culture and rituals. The Berber Nation spreads across North Africa, and some even live a nomadic lifestyle. Berber roughly translates to ‘Free people’ and is in local tongue referred to as Amazigh.

Explore some of the many vintage treasures he has uncovered. 

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