Why buy an Aegean towel?

Origin: Aegean Region, Turkey

Towels are often overlooked or bought as an afterthought. Most people have a closet packed full of them in various sizes and colors -- they tend to be the item that takes up the most storage space.

Turkish towels are an attractive, lightweight and versatile alternative to their bulkier counterpart, the terry-cotton towel. Traditionally they were used in the hammams (Turkish baths) and therefore needed to be hard-wearing and good at drying in humid conditions – you’ll find they dry around three times faster than their terry-cloth counterparts. 

But are all Turkish towels the same quality? The most luxurious of all Turkish towels are made with cotton grown in the Aegean region, and quality can vary from weaver to weaver.

At Ayin. our towels are made exclusively from Aegean cotton and hand-loomed using a traditional technique that's been practiced since the 18th century. Read on to find out all the benefits of Aegean cotton.



Aegean cotton is grown in the Aegean coastal region of Turkey. It's known for its long fibers that result in stronger and smoother threads when the yarn is spun. This makes Aegean cotton is highly durable -- it typically lasts up to twice as long as Egyptian and Pima alternatives. While Aegean towels may cost more initially, you'll save money in the long run as they easily outlast towels of inferior quality.

Super fast-drying

While Pima and Egyptian cottons are known to be especially absorbent, luxury forms of cotton, they tend to hold moisture. When moisture hangs on to fabric, bacteria grows and it can develop a musty smell. Aegean cotton is different in that it’s very absorbent, but still dries quickly (up to three times faster in fact). This makes it ideal for warm and humid climates and damp environments like the bathroom.


All Turkish towels, including those made with Aegean cotton, are larger in size than your average towel (roughly 40 x 70” versus a regular bath towel which is 27” x 52”). However, they typically weigh less than half of a terry-cloth towel, making them a perfect travel companion.


Turkish and Aegean towels are thin and flat by nature. Replacing your ordinary towels with high quality Aegean towels will help you reduce the clutter in your closet and the number of washing loads you'll need to do to keep them clean and smelling fresh. They're the best towel for people who want to simplify their homes and minimize their suitcases.


We’ve seen Aegean towels used as a bath towel, beach towel, travel blanket, sarong, scarf, throw, table cloth, picnic blanket, yoga towel or gym towel. And that isn't an exhaustive list.

Natural and hypoallergenic

Synthetic fibers can aggravate sensitive skin, and some types may even contain traces of chemicals that could cause widespread irritation. Organic Aegean cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals, making it the perfect option for sensitive or families with young children. 

A sustainable choice

Lastly, when you buy hand-loomed Turkish towels made from 100% Turkish cotton, you support the villagers and artisans that produce them. Because Turkish cotton is so scarce, the production of these towels isn’t at a large scale. It’s produced by small villages and craftspeople who've past down their trade for decade. This is also why most vendors of real Turkish towels made from 100% Turkish Cotton carry limited quantities.

All AYIN towels are hand-loomed using organic Aegean cotton.  Shop our collection here.


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