Organic Turkish Towel, Stonewashed

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GOTS certified OEKO-TEX 100

Our stonewashed Turkish towel is hand-loomed in Turkey by local artisans. They loom the sheet by hand with careful attention to every single detail. To them, the raw material is everything. They only weave with Certified Organic Cotton carefully picked from the Aegean region of Turkey. The cotton from this region has particularly long staples, which make them softer and more absorbent than most other cotton types. The threads are naturally whiter due to the unique climate of the region, making it the preferred ingredient with our artisans. They finish every towel with hand-knotted fringes to perfect their creation.

Immediately after weaving, we dye the sheet with vegetables to give it color and stonewash it to bring out a unique color profile and additional softness in the fabric.

Our weaving technique is single-threaded, which eliminates the need for a high thread count. Our unique weaving technique also reduces the amount of cotton needed. This towel uses 47% less cotton than a regular terry-towel.

Help the bees and get this beautiful hand-loomed towel made from 100% Certified Organic Turkish Cotton without the use of synthetic fibers, herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides.

5% of the profits help save the bees.
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Origin: Turkey 
Size: 33 x 66" (85 x 170cm)

GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

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