The Story of Ayin

Our story

A leap of faith
Ayin was established in 2018 by Nicole and Vakis Rigas, two former Google employees who craved a meaningful creative outlet. Working in the technology industry can feel sterile and scientific, so we knew we wanted to work with natural materials and tactile products.

Old building Lisbon

Technology is all about looking to the future and trying to figure out where we’re all going; Ayin focuses on a slower pace of life that reminds you where you are right now.

Our philosophy

The art of ritual
The alarm clock that sounds every morning. Hot coffee pouring into a mug. The commute to and from work. With so much to get through each day, it’s easy to get lost in the small cycles of existence. Ayin is an invitation to transform these everyday routines into intentional rituals, to shift the mundane into the meaningful.

Beautiful moment

While routines can make us feel depleted and rushed, rituals rejuvenate and nourish our connection to ourselves, to others, and to nature. We believe that your living space should be a source of inspiration, a place where you are surrounded by items that elevate the everyday. The result is a collection of beautiful, timeless pieces that are crafted by small scale manufacturers, artisans and designers who also subscribe to this philosophy.

Our products

Exceptional raw materials
We focus on exceptional raw materials, understated beauty and artisan craftsmanship. We believe that thoughtfully-crafted surroundings invite us to savor life’s subtleties and find wonder in the smallest moments. They elevate our everyday.

A product’s quality and timelessness begins with natural raw materials. We travel all over the world searching for the best possible material for its intended use: our Turkish towels are woven from a uniquely absorbent type of cotton, grown in the Aegean of Turkey. We believe that natural materials get better with time - the traces of their use add to their story.

Sayulita - Hidden beach

Lastly, we’d like to leave the world in a better place than we found it. We support small makers and artisans that create the finest quality products, with minimal environmental and social impact. Our cotton comes from pesticide-free lands, and our wool comes from sheep who need haircuts and are treated well.

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