Organic, Sustainable and Transparent

Exceptional raw materials

The cotton grown in the Aegean region has long been the raw material of choice for weavers all over Turkey, so it was only natural that our journey to find the highest quality cotton began there. The unique climate of the Mediterranean provides the ideal conditions to grow a cotton flower that’s soft and strong, with a natural white color that is brighter than any other cotton flower.

Our cotton is certified Organic and follows the Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS for short. GOTS is the highest standard for ecological and socially responsible practices in every step of the supply chain.

  • At least 95% Organic fibers
  • Free from harmful chemicals, to you, the planet and our farmers

This standard ensures welfare to the materials, the environment, and the working conditions for all humans involved in making your towels.

While our goal is not to put a label on things, we do care about our impact on the environment and people. This is why our towels are hand-loomed and use 47% less cotton* and are made in a region with the best soil and climate to grow cotton. By doing this, we ensure that our organic cotton uses the same amount of water as non-organic cotton, limit excessive use of materials, and keep jobs for incredible artisans. See our selection of certified organic towels.

Five percent for the bees

Bee’s are the most overlooked worker in the cotton industry, and we think it’s time to change that. Bee’s are in part responsible for healthy cotton production. They work hard to pollinate our crops so they can bloom and turn into products that we can use as part of our production. Without bees, it would much harder to produce cotton at the scale we do today and would lead to a reduced selection of clothes. Let’s face it, no one would enjoy a hot summers day in a nylon outfit.

That is why we donate 5 percent of our profits to causes that help fight the use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture. Learn how you can help bees.

*Compared to a similar sized terry towel.